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A planned major transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia information and communications technology will strengthen the Kingdom’s position as one of the most advanced countries in the world.
An important factor in this transformation is the development of electronic portals. As part of this process, Asir Municipality is seeking to develop and implement a range of online services that operate on integrated and interconnected databases.
To this end, it has signed a contract with Naseej, the Arab world’s leading provider of e-services and electronic portal solutions, to develop, implement, maintain and manage its portal. A highly experienced team from Naseej will be located at Asir Municipality headquarters to fulfill operational and maintenance requirements, and to train local staff in the portals management, operation and maintenance.
The team’s advanced procedures will ensure that the new portal meets global quality standards, which will give it a more visible electronic presence in the global network and raise its global ranking.
Asir Municipality vision is to create new electronic services that are in line with modern technological developments. It will work closely with Naseej to design and structure the new portal so that it achieves an optimal balance between functionality, usability and security, and improves efficiency and competency levels throughout the Municipality.
The Naseej team will strive to provide an easy-to-use interactive environment that will create a high level of satisfaction among users, both citizens and staff.
Naseej integrated solutions are specifically designed to ensure the effectiveness of e-portal initiatives. Its portal solutions and mobile applications help partners manage their online presence, enabling them to reach their target audiences effectively and interactively.

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