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Riyadh – Jordan, January 2020; Naseej, the Middle East’s Leading Digital Transformation & Knowledge Solutions Provider, announced that it’s investing in Sprintive a startup out of Jordan that specializes in the design and development of online portals using Drupal open-source CMS. The move comes as part of Naseej’s efforts to complement its digital transformation solutions with leading open source platforms.

Sprintive, being an important partner of the Drupal open source community, will in turn enable Naseej to fast-track its open source capabilities and make Naseej one of the first Saudi companies to have a team certified by the Drupal open source community. The partnership also enables Naseej, with its extensive experience in Arabizing software systems and platforms, to contribute to solving Arabic language related issues for Drupal users, which in turn will encourage more enterprises in the Middle East to adopt the Drupal portal management system.

Mr. Othman Alabdulkarim, Naseej’s Digital Transformation Solutions Manager, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, which promises to deliver cutting edge portal development solutions based on open-source platforms to Naseej customers in Saudi and throughout the region. Mr. Alabdulkarim also stated that “Through this acquisition, Naseej will offer its customers content management and customization services based on Drupal open-source CMS enabling them to take full advantage of the highly customizable design and UX capabilities offered by Drupal CMS, which translate into a highly optimized and enhanced users experience for their end users. Our work with Sprintive will also enable us to provide customers with a set of specialized value added services such content and data structuring, search engine optimization (SEO), and smartphone applications, all of which is designed to optimize the online presence of our customers and the experience of their users.”

From his part, Sprintive’s founder and Chief Technology Officer Mr. Mohammad Abdul-Qader, reiterated the importance of the partnership between Naseej and Sprintive pointing to the leading role Naseej plays in supporting digital transformation initiatives in the region, something of which will enable Sprintive to gain critical experience in managing large scale digital transformation projects “For us Naseej means more access to customers looking to provide a unique digital experience using open source technologies. Furthermore, Naseej being one of the region’s leading solutions providers to the Higher Education sector, means that we can contribute to building software that serves educational institutions in the region, which will enhance our team’s capabilities in this sector, and open up a wide door for creativity and contribute to boosting the added value of open source platforms” said Mr. Abdul-Qader.

About Naseej

Naseej is the Leading Digital Transformation & Knowledge Solutions Provider in the Middle East, serving the region’s top Academic institutes and government organizations since 1989. Naseej delivers world-class Digital Transformation Solutions and eServices that enable its partners to manage and share knowledge and information. Naseej employs over 400 highly skilled professionals in the fields of knowledge management, information technology and business development who work together to deliver to its partners cutting-edge Enterprise Portal Solutions, Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Systems Integration, and more. For more information, please visit

About Sprintive:

Established in 2016, Sprintive is a digital transformation agency where ideas are transformed into realities, where people are at the center of everything, and where open source is the heart of our actions. Specialized in Arabic interfaces support, Sprintive provides digital solutions using open sources for medium and large institutions. It is recognized as an authorized service provider and is featured among the best 100 companies in Drupal Portal. Sprintive is also the first premium partner for Pantheon in the Middle East.

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