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Riyadh ,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 Naseej, the leading knowledge & digital transformation solutions provider in the Middle East, announced an agreement with Ouriginal to provide Urkund by Ouriginal solutions to detect and prevent plagiarism. Under the terms of the agreement Naseej will offer Ouriginal’s complete suite of products throughout the Middle East.

Ouriginal’s products are designed to analyze and ensure the authenticity of documents through cutting-edge technology, regardless of the language of the text. The solution enables instructors to focus on their students rather than expending their resources checking the authenticity of the papers. The system can easily authenticate the originality of the content by a click of a button.

By ensuring fair and equal education standards, Ouriginal supports academic institutions, secondary schools and corporations improve their institutional efficiency and quality initiatives by delivering a fully automated system for checking text originality and preventing plagiarism.

Mr. Abdullah Al Turaifi, Naseej VP, stressed that Urkund Solutions by Ouriginal will take academic integrity to a whole new level, creating a fair learning environment.

Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal, adds: “We are very happy that by partnering with Naseej, we have grown our worldwide net of partners to include one of the leading distributors in the Middle East. Through our products, Naseej’s vision to enable knowledge sharing and dissemination can now also be realized in fair and equal environments.”

About Ouriginal

Ouriginal is a text-matching software used to assess the originality of any given text. It was born when two companies, PlagScan and Urkund came together with the goal of offering a bold solution that enhances students’ potential to think original and saves teachers’ time when evaluating assignments. With more than three decades of combined knowledge and expertise, Ouriginal delivers cutting-edge technology, catering to their customers’ needs.

About Naseej

Naseej is the leading digital transformation & knowledge solutions provider in the Middle East, having served the region’s top academic institutes, cultural centers and government organizations since 1989. Naseej provides academic and higher education institutes in the region with comprehensive and integrated solutions and services designed to enable them to actively contribute to the success of their students. Naseej employs over 400 highly skilled professionals in the fields of knowledge management, information technology and business development who work together to deliver to its partners cutting-edge e-learning solutions and services, campus management systems, knowledge management solutions, and much more. For more information, please visit

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