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Naseej – The leader in Digital Transformation Solutions in the Middle East – has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Dar Al-Hekma University to boost the University’s digital transformation initiatives by providing the university with MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Cloud Platform – MEDAD IEP –a Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency, which will empower the University to keep pace with the latest technologies in quality assurance, planning, assessment and academic accreditation.

Additionally, MEDAD IEP Cloud Platform will provide the University with an integrated suite of systems to support ongoing, integrated and research-based planning, evaluation, assessment and accreditation processes, and enables a systematic review of the university’s mission, goals, outcomes and initiatives for continuous improvement.

MEDAD IEP will also enable the university to connect and integrate with other systems and platforms within the university such as the student information system, and it will be hosted locally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project will also ensure proper knowledge transfer and training for the end users, along with technical support, maintenance, and continuous system upgrade services for three years.

Mr.. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP – commented on this partnership by saying: “We highly appreciate this partnership with Dar Al-Hekma University, whereby we work further towards enabling effective digital transformation for Higher Education institutes in the Kingdom in line with vision 2030”.

MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Cloud Platform has been designed to meet the needs of universities and colleges, as well as their different departments and divisions, whereby the Platform integrated systems address every facet of institutional effectiveness.

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