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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — February 19, 2023

Naseej for Communication and Information Technology, the Middle East’s leading provider of Knowledge Management Solutions & Services, is glad to announce its Bronze Sponsorship of the 9th HR Tech MENA summit , which will take place on March 1st – 2nd, 2023 in Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE, the United Arab Emirates.

For almost a decade, the HR Tech MENA summit was annually attended by high-level representatives of the largest and most forward-thinking organizations in the Middle East, who gather to face the new realities and address the new challenges of the human resources field.

At this year’s 9th edition of the HR Tech MENA summit, under the theme of “Creating Happier And Sustainable Workplaces By Leveraging Technology”, Chief HR Officers along with digital transformation experts from all over the region and the world will come together to discuss a broad spectrum of topics, including how to stay on top of the current HR tech trends, and how to leverage technology to accelerate digital HR transformation.

Commenting on Naseej’s sponsorship of the 9th Annual HR Tech MENA summit, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi,  Naseej’s VP, said: “It’s in line with Naseej’s strategy to participate, support and sponsor the 9th annual HR TECH MENA Summit, as this mega event will bring HR & Tech innovators together to address the most emerging trends, including Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, and Skills & Lifelong Learning, which are part and parcel of our Naseej’s core business as one of the leading technology solutions providers in the Kingdom and the Middle East”.

“At an event that gathers human resources professionals with the region’s technology innovators and vendors, Naseej is keen to demonstrate our platforms for learning and development, training, talent management, upskilling, and reskilling using custom eLearning content that caters to the needs of enterprises of all types in Saudi Arabia and the region”, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi explained.

” This event offers a platform for Naseej to showcase the leading-edge tech services that set us apart and make a difference”, Naseej’s VP concluded.

At the exhibition taking place alongside the 9th HR Tech MENA Summit, Naseej experts will demonstrate a broad range of cutting-edge technology solutions that make a real difference in the eLearning, and Knowledge services industries, including MEDAD Learning Management Platform (MEDAD LMP), MEDAD Training Management Platform (MEDAD TMP), Naseej Custom eLearning Content Development Services, Naseej e-Solutions Services, OpenSesame, and Questionmark.

Visitors to the summit will witness our all-inclusive corporate training & learning management solution, MEDAD Learning Management Platform (MEDAD LMP), which empowers organizations to provide hassle-free training to their employees, partners, and instructors.

MEDAD LMP is a secure, cost-effective, scalable, and adaptable corporate platform that enables enterprises of all types and sizes to build specific skills for their employees through an effective training program delivery that comprises interactive learning content — enriched with graphics, simulations, audio, and video, and, also, can be assembled and organized with a single click.

Naseej will also showcase MEDAD Training Management Platform (MEDAD TMP), with its core features: Course Management; Training Modules & Activities; Advanced Analytics System; Assessments, Polls; Invoicing & Online Registration; Certification Management; Virtual Classroom. Under the umbrella of the MEDAD Educational Cloud Platform, MEDAD TMP is a centralized, one-stop hub for employee training operations that provides businesses, government agencies, and vocational training/higher education institutions with cutting-edge cloud-based training and management solutions that optimize their workplaces and take their in-house corporate training to the next level.

Moreover, visitors will have a closer look at Naseej Custom eLearning Content Development Services, supporting all types of institutions, to customize their training content in a way to empower their workforce and maximize productivity. These services have unique capabilities in designing and developing custom courses that include scenarios, infographics, motion graphics, whiteboards, interactive videos, 2D & 3D animation, interactive elements, immersive simulations, game mechanics, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, all aiming to enable learner comprehension and retention.

In order to keep up with the fast-growing developments in IT and digital transformation, Naseej will also offer its e-Solutions Services for the governmental, educational, and private institutions, thereby empowering them to improve their institutional performance, reduce cost as well as increase productivity through a unified web-based environment.

With its rich portfolio of platforms and services, Naseej offers OpenSesame for ready on-the-shelf learning and training content provider. From finding the right courses to mapping them to core competencies and syncing them with an LMS to increase utilization and improve L&D programs, OpenSesame has a wide variety of features, including the flexibility of multiple purchasing options along with delivering simple-to-use-and-administer eLearning courses.

Naseej will also demonstrate another valuable service at the 9th HR Tech Mena Summit. Questionmark is a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform that helps organizations and their staff to unlock their potential to deliver better performance. Questionmark empowers organization and individuals alike to maximize their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements by providing secure online assessments conducted in a way that optimizes the impact of training & development.

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