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Riyadh, KSA, 23-25 Jan. 2023

Naseej for Communications and Information Technology – the regional leader in Knowledge Management Solutions and Services – is delighted to announce being a contributing sponsor of the 2nd Annual Forum on Global Trends in E-Learning (GTEL), to be held this year under the theme, “Transforming Lives and Societies for a Better Future”. Organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 23rd to 25th January 2023, GTEL hosts speakers from prestigious institutions and is attended by top international and local policymakers and e-learning leaders.

GTEL is an annual forum on the most recent learning trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the future of e-learning, in addition to sharing knowledge and exploring the key e-learning developments. As well, the Forum offers a cutting-edge platform to share views and experiences through hands-on presentations and workshops.

In the same vein, GTEL fosters the exchange of knowledge and helps educational personnel address critical issues through innovative solutions and optimal use of available EdTech. Over three days, GTEL will address a number of e-learning themes, especially academic partnerships in e-learning environments, online learning scalability, digital transformation for comprehensive learning, and the twenty-first century skills development through e-learning systems.

The Forum lays special focus on the challenges and opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), in addition to education 4.0. Under this theme, the Forum will discuss ways of enhancing the design and delivery of teaching and learning through 4IR technologies. Innovation-based education and personalized adaptive learning are among many novel approaches to be addressed.

Commenting on Naseej’s sponsorship of GTEL, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP – stated, “Naseej is pleased to contribute to the success of the Forum which brings together an elite of keynote speakers, researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to present their works and discuss the eLearning opportunities and challenges. Today than ever, education institutions need to adapt to face challenges and opportunities produced by global trends and technological developments that shape the future of learning and training to meet the rapid growth and demand for the twenty-first century skills.”

“This Forum offers an eLearning and training qualitative event, as it will address very critical themes that matter too much for our region. Naseej has always stressed on the importance of organizing these events, which will help open new horizons of sharing knowledge and ideas, and contribute to keeping pace with the developments based on the ever-changing market needs. We are confident that this Forum will be a key factor in achieving the national targets, thanks to the unlimited support by our enlightened leadership to the education and training sectors in the Kingdom.”, added Al Turaifi.

The three-days exhibition to be held alongside the Forum will offer an exclusive opportunity to test and evaluate the next-generation eLearning technologies and solutions displayed by local and international exhibitors.

In this context, visitor to Naseej’s booth will be able to closely explore and become familiar with MEDAD Cloud Platforms that support their digital transformation journey and innovation efforts through three key platforms, including MEDAD Learning Management Platform (MEDAD LMP), which provides educational institutions with a comprehensive and integrated environment to deliver eLearning and embedded programs for all learners. MEDAD LMP provides a unique combination of higher education functionality and optimal security, reliability and cost-effectiveness to ensure seamless system operation at peak hours.

MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP) caters to the needs of higher education institutions, supports data-driven decision making and continuous planning enabling universities and colleges to obtain a comprehensive and clear view of their institutional performance. In addition, MEDAD CMP for Campus Management Platform offers an integrated SaaS platform to manage all academic activities, to monitor workflows and to enable access to the required information with optimal security. The Platform provides an integrated suite of campus management solutions including student information system, reporting and analytics, and self-services.

Visitors can also explore MEDAD Integrated Library Services Platform which enables the library to meet its patrons’ digital services expectations, and offers a new highly efficient dimension of quick response to accelerate digital developments, and support the needs of future libraries to offer the best user experience.

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