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Riyadh, KSA – March 2023

MEDAD Cloud, the cutting-edge technology solution from Naseej, participated as a gold sponsor of the Awards Ceremony & Symposium of the second cycle of Zairi International Awards for Excellence in Higher Education, which took place on March 9th, 2023 in The Address Boulevard, Dubai – United Arab Emirates – under the theme of “Advancing Sustainability as a Core Purpose for Higher Education”.

Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) – established in response to the significant growth of higher education within the region and the increasing focus of educational institutions to drive academic excellence while remaining competitive through offering creative, customized, and on-demand knowledge solutions – launched back in 2021 Zairi International Awards for Excellence in Higher Education.

The award is a series of global institutional awards aiming at recognizing and celebrating higher education institutions that are addressing global educational challenges and creating sustainable impact within their own national and regional context through embracing excellence and innovation in specific areas pertinent to digital transformation, research impact, service to the community, internationalization, equity, and inclusion, etc. The award is named after the late Professor Mohamed Zairi, one of the world’s leading experts in Higher Education quality and institutional effectiveness.

Commenting on Naseej’s gold sponsorship, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi, Naseej’s VP, said: “As Naseej aims to empower universities and academic institutions to meet the educational challenges of the region, we’re glad that MEDAD CLOUD PLATFORM from Naseej sponsored the Award’s category of Excellence for Digital Transformation. It’s entirely in line with our strategy support all efforts and initiative on how the higher education sector is transforming itself to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the 2030 Agenda.”, Naseej’s VP added.

The symposium was attended by a wide array of participants, including Higher Education leaders and decision makers, government and industry representatives and leaders working with the higher education sector on sustainability, researchers, and students as effective change agents.

Alongside the symposium and workshops, Naseej showcased the following technology solutions under the umbrella of MEDAD Cloud Platform:

  • MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP), which caters to the needs of higher education institutions by combining key institutional effectiveness functions (Strategic Planning; Outcomes assessment; Accreditation and Compliance; Program Review; Date Management; Analytics and Reporting in one comprehensive platform.
  • MEDAD Learning Management Platform (MEDAD LMP), which empowers organizations to provide hassle-free cloud-based digital learning experience MEDAD LMP is a secure, cost-effective, scalable, and adaptable eLearning platform that enables higher education institutions of all types and sizes to deliver interactive learning content — enriched with graphics, simulations, audio, and video, and, also, can be assembled and organized with a single click.
  • MEDAD Training Management Platform (MEDAD TMP), with its core features: Course Management, Training Modules & Activities, Advanced Analytics System, Assessments, Polls, Invoicing & Online Registration, Certification Management, Virtual Classroom. MEDAD TMP is a centralized, one-stop hub for employee training operations that provides businesses, government agencies, and vocational training/higher education institutions with cutting-edge cloud-based training and management solutions that optimize their workplaces and take their in-house corporate training to the next level.
  • MEDAD Campus Management Solutions (CMP), has a comprehensive portfolio of integrated campus management solutions that guarantee you achieve the highest return for your Academic Institute by improving student success rates, providing with a suite of solutions and services designed to enhance the effectiveness of their daily academic operations such as MEDAD Student Information System, Workflow Management and many more.
  • MEDAD Library Services Platform (MEDAD LSP), which offers a whole new way for libraries to make their collections and services more accessible. MEDAD LSP offers a cloud of integrated services that enable libraries to manage and make available their physical, digital, and electronic holdings through a single portal providing their patrons with a unified user experience and journey, enabling the library to keep up with the expectations and needs of today’s tech-savvy users.

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