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Naseej Launches its Innovative Arabic AI Language Model “Noon” as an open-source initiative

The Arabic Language Model contains more than 7 Billion Parameters and is Available for Researchers, Developers, and Entrepreneurs

Riyadh, June 2023, Naseej for Technology – leading digital transformation solutions provider in the Middle East, announces the availability of its Innovative AI Arabic Language Model “Noon” as an open-source initiative empowering Arabic developers to drive Arabic AI advancements and Arabic-based AI offerings and products. The language model is pronounced “Noon” from the Arabic letter corresponding to “N”, which is also the first letter of “Naseej”.

“Noon” a 7 billion parameter Arabic Language Model that enhances automated content creation and conversational AI capabilities, is tailored to the unique nuances of the Arabic language and boasts an extensive vocabulary, an advanced understanding of Arabic grammar, and a deep comprehension of cultural contexts. The model can fluently generate Arabic text, analyze sentiments, and provide accurate responses, that promises to unlock a myriad of opportunities for developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the Arabic-speaking world.

“We are delighted to introduce our groundbreaking Arabic Language Model to the global AI community,” said Mr. Abduljabbar Alabduljabbar, Naseej’s Executive President; “By providing researchers and developers with access to our 7B parameter Arabic language model, we aim to foster innovation, accelerate AI advancements, and drive transformative breakthroughs in the Arabic language processing domain. By launching the Arabic Language Model, we’re taking a significant stride towards bridging the language gap in AI and reinforcing the Arabic tech community’s potential to innovate on a global scale.”

By enabling developers to leverage the Arabic Language Model, Naseej aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of Arabic AI innovation, spurring advancements in sectors such as customer experience, education, healthcare, and beyond. This new development will contribute to the growth and digital transformation in the region, promoting cultural preservation while embracing technological progress. “We strongly believe that language should never be a barrier to innovation,” stated Mr. Mohammed Husamaddin, Naseej’s VP for Business Development; “By making (Noon) open-source, we strive to ignite a wave of innovation and creativity that will drive progress in various fields, including content creation, natural language processing, virtual assistants, and more. We are looking forward to the positive impact Noon will potentially have on businesses, researchers, and developers.”

Noon is one of a slue of projects being launched by “Naseej Innovation Lab” – the Research & Innovation unit within Naseej – tasked with conceptualizing and developing state-of-the-art Dx technologies including AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics, with the potential of both commercial and research use. In addition to Noon, Naseej Innovation Lab is also launching an AI based virtual tutor as part of MEDAD Training Management platform (a key product offered by Naseej). The virtual tutor leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide personalized and interactive tutoring experiences for institutional and corporate training programs.

“Noon” is available as an open-source model on the “Hugging Face” AI community, whereby Naseej Innovation Lab will call on Arabic researchers and developers to present their proposals on how to utilize the new model. Furthermore, the team at Naseej Labs will continue to enhance the model and continuously increase its parameters and capabilities “The team at Naseej Innovation Lab is making significant strides in the field of Arabic generative text. Our efforts are split across three tracks that includes Data Collection and Preparation, Model Training and Fine-tuning and Model Alignment. Feedback from the community in the coming period will be crucial in our development efforts for Noon going forward” said lead engineer at Naseej Innovation Lab, Mr. Ibrahim Aldailamy. To access the language model on Hugging Face follow this link

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