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Data Management Solutions

Riyadh − July 2023

In pursuit of its mission of empowering organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East to meet the challenges of digital transformation in today’s competitive business landscape, Naseej – the leading regional provider of Knowledge Management Solutions and Services − is glad to announce the company’s new, full suite of Enterprise Data Management solutions that allow organizations of any type to harness the power of their data assets, acquire meaningful insights, make data-driven decisions, and, ultimately, gain a competitive edge in today’s digital world.

Naseej’s Enterprise Data Management solutions fall under the umbrella of Naseej’s new offerings of Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML), which are increasingly emerging as two of the most essential technologies that allow organizations to uncover actionable insights hidden in their data and, consequently, use them to guide decision making and strategic planning.

To enable organizations to realize the unique competitive advantages of their data as well as comply with data governance regulations, Naseej offers:

  • Data Integration and Ingestion: to enable organizations to seamlessly integrate, consolidate, and ingest data from diverse sources, irrespective of its type, nature, volume, and processing requirements.
  • Data Quality: to help organizations implement robust data quality processes, rules, and policies, including data cleansing, validation, and standardization − to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with regulatory requirements that provide the organization with trusted single sources of data.
  • Data Classification: offers automated data exploration, and classification capabilities that analyze data attributes such as content, context, and metadata to classify data accordingly. This enables organizations to identify and prioritize their most critical data assets, apply appropriate security, access, and usage controls, and determine data retention and disposal policies.
  • Data Governance: to help every organization establish robust data governance frameworks that include policies, procedures, and controls that ensure the proper management, integrity, and usage of data within an organization.
  • Data Sharing and Exchange: to provide secure and controlled data-sharing mechanisms that allow organizations to collaborate and share data while maintaining data privacy and compliance.
  • Scalability and Agility: to provide modern, scalable, and agile data management capabilities to accommodate the ever-increasing volumes and varieties of data.
  • Regulatory Compliance: to allow organizations to navigate complex regulatory frameworks by implementing data management practices that comply with industry-specific regulations such as NDMO, GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS. This ensures data privacy, and legal compliance, and reduces the risk of penalties or reputational damage.

Commenting on Naseej’s offerings, Mr. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP − said: “We’re offering Naseej’s Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML) solutions whereby we aspire to meet a wide array of market needs both in the Kingdom and across the Middle East − where we’re continuously seeking to empower enterprises, of all types and sizes and across almost all industrial sectors, to manage and improve their compliance to business domain Data Management standards & regulations in addition to helping these organizations optimize performance and productivity as well as facilitate the provision of electronic services”.

“We take pride in empowering our clients to make data-driven strategic decisions, measure performance, foresee the future, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and fraud, predict outcomes and trends, and, above all and achieve the highest levels of accountability and transparency. More importantly, Naseej DSML suite of offerings is specifically set to leverage data usage to improve our customers’ profitability and operation efficiency as well as leverage their growth prospects”, Mr. Abdullah Al concluded.


About Naseej

Since 1989, Naseej has gained the trust of hundreds of well-known clients, including The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Princess Nourah bent Abdulrahman University, STC, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, among many other corporations, universities, and academic institutions. Also, Naseej has partnered, over the years, with renowned organizations, including IEEE, Bibliotheca, BARCO, VIVED, Questionmark, Cornerstone SABA, Zetcom, D2L BRIGHTSPACE, AND EXAM MASTER, Questionmark, among many others.

Top on the list of Naseej’s technology products and services are the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, designed by Naseej to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and business corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. Under the umbrella of the MEDAD Cloud Platform, Naseej delivers many solutions that have transformed the way education, learning, and business are being done in the region. MEDAD Learning Management Platform provides a unique eLearning environment as well as a secure, cost-effective, and reliable platform to keep your Learning programs running at peak performance.

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