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Riyadh, KSA – October, 2023

Naseej, the region’s leading digital transformation solutions provider, has signed a partnership agreement with SMARTTECH3D, a leading manufacturer of optical 3D scanners, to continue serving Naseej’s customers in the cultural sector ─ including Museums, Archive Centers and Libraries.

In collaboration with SMARTTECH3D, Naseej aims to enhance the cultural sector in the Middle East by providing a diverse range of user-friendly solutions, including different 3D scanners and dedicated software for data processing. SMARTTECH3D specializes in metrologically tested 3D scanners for Education, Industry, and Museums, offering professional contactless measuring devices for quality control, reverse engineering, and digitalization in archaeology and museology. These solutions enable clients to utilize digital content for research, education, and other purposes.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mr. Othman Al-Abdulkarim – Naseej CEO − said: “Our partnership with SMARTTECH3D represents another step forward in Naseej’s efforts to offer comprehensive solutions & services that cater to the evolving needs of the cultural sector. SMARTTECH3D’s various 3D scanners and specialized software offer the highest quality on the market making it an ideal tool for heritage preservation and museum purposes”

SMARTTECH3D CEO, Kris Gebarski, also commented, saying that “since the beginning of our development, SMARTTECH3D has spotted the need for high-quality, detailed digitalization possibilities. Therefore, we have been working for many years in correspondence with international heritage institutions’ recommendations and have developed a perfect tool for all museums’ and researchers’ needs. We are thrilled that we’ve found a professional partner who knows the market requirements. Thanks to our cooperation, we can be sure that our 3D scanners will be introduced and implemented in the most professional manner. Cooperation with Naseej is a result of a long research process for us, and we couldn’t be more satisfied”.



SMARTTECH3D is a worldwide recognized manufacturer of optical 3D scanners. For more than 20 years, the company has been developing and improving contactless measurement methods based on structured LED light, especially white LED that serve the sectors of Education, Industry, and Museums.

This allows SMARTTECH3D to obtain a realistic shape recreation with full-color reproduction. Combining this with the 24 MP resolution, which is the highest available on the market, SMARTTECH3D is a leader in 3D digitalization in archaeology and museology. The company creates a line of MICRON3D scanners dedicated to professional solutions and the most demanding customers.

Some of our customers include NASA, Boeing, Lufthansa, Orlen, KRONES, Polish Central Office of Measures, the US Army, the National Museum of Prehistory in Taiwan as well as many Universities around the world. Read more at

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