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Riyadh, Saudi Arbia, 18th of October 2023

Fostering Innovation to shape the future, Naseej for Technology, with its rich history of pioneering digital solutions, is delighted to announce that MEDAD Cloud Platforms has been officially recognized as a Saudi Tech member by the prestigious Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST). This recognition, earned under the theme of “Pioneering Software for a Thriving Digital Economy” at the Digital Tech Forum KSA 2023, reflects Naseej’s enduring dedication to advancing Saudi Arabia’s technology landscape and its significant contribution to the nation’s digital ecosystem, highlighting MEDAD’s adherence to the highest standards of quality and innovation, making it a trusted choice for businesses seeking advanced cloud services.

MEDAD Cloud – developed by Naseej – has a portfolio of innovative cloud solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and organizations. With a focus on reliability, security, and scalability, MEDAD platforms empower organizations to leverage the full potential of cloud technology through:

  • MEDAD Campus Management Platform “MEDAD CMP”: A comprehensive solution for educational institutions that streamlines administrative processes, student management, and campus operations for enhanced efficiency and organization.
  • MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform “MEDAD IEP”: This platform offers tools and analytics to automate, assess, and improve the overall effectiveness of educational institutions, helping higher education institutions achieve their goals and objectives.
  • MEDAD Library Services Platform “MEDAD LSP”: An integrated system designed to modernize library operations and services, providing a seamless experience for both librarians and patrons.
  • MEDAD Training Management Platform “MEDAD TMP”: A versatile system that simplifies the management of training programs, including planning, scheduling, enrollment, tracking, and reporting.
  • MEDAD Learning Management Platform “MEDAD LMP”: A robust digital learning platform for educational institutions to deliver online courses, manage content, and assess student performance, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Eng. Othman Al Abdulkarim, Naseej CEO, expressed his pride about this recognition: “We are honoured to have CST recognize MEDAD Cloud suite of platforms as Saudi Tech member. These platforms are the culmination of our commitment to advancing technology in the cultural, educational, and the broader business landscape of Saudi Arabia. We will continue to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to excel in their respective domains. Moreover, Naseej is not just providing solutions; it is making a tangible difference by improving the way organizations and people manage and share knowledge and information. Hence, the recognition by CST reinforces the value and innovation Naseej brings to the Saudi technology ecosystem.”

“As we stand today on the precipice of an era characterized by artificial intelligence, smart services, cloud computing, open platforms, and the next phase of digital transformation, MEDAD Cloud Platforms are poised to usher our partners of success into this promising future and what is beyond digital transformation. The Saudi Tech membership of MEDAD Cloud platforms underlines the quality, innovation, and excellence that MEDAD Cloud Platforms brings to educational institutions, businesses, and organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” added Othman Al Abdulkarim.

About Communications, Space & Technology Commission CST

The Communications, Space & Technology Commission CST plays a pivotal role in harmonizing Telecommunications, Information Technology, and emerging technologies to create a robust ICT ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This, coupled with our focus on Space technology, establishes an enabling communications infrastructure for the Kingdom. Its purpose is to enhance connectivity, providing individuals and businesses with access to knowledge, the capability to share, pursue new opportunities, and foster innovation.

About “Saudi Tech” Membership:

A unified logo under the Made in Saudi program, aiming to help local tech products and companies to expand their reach and promote their tech products locally and globally, to enhance its credibility.

About MEDAD Cloud Platforms:

MEDAD Cloud Platforms are the culmination of Naseej’s commitment to driving innovation and addressing the unique needs and challenges of educational institutions and organizations. MEDAD Cloud Platforms offer a comprehensive range of cloud solutions specifically designed for educational, cultural, government, and corporate organizations in Saudi Arabia, addressing key challenges and driving positive outcomes in the areas of campus management, institutional effectiveness, library services, training management, and learning management.

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About Naseej for technology:

Naseej for Technology is a forward-thinking technology provider with a history that spans over three decades. It has gained the trust of prestigious clients and formed lasting partnerships with renowned organizations. Naseej’s flagship technology product, the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, is reshaping the way educational institutes, government organizations, and business corporations’ approach digital transformation and innovation. Since 1989, Naseej has earned the confidence of a multitude of prominent clients, which includes notable entities like The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Princess Nourah bent Abdulrahman University, STC, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, along with numerous other corporations, universities, and academic institutions.

At the forefront of Naseej’s offerings are the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, meticulously designed to empower educational institutions, government organizations, and corporate entities to synchronize their academic, administrative, and training processes. These platforms serve as catalysts for expediting digital transformation journeys while nurturing institutional innovation. Within the framework of the MEDAD Cloud Platform, Naseej provides an array of transformative solutions that have reshaped the educational, learning, and business landscape within the region.

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