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Riyadh Elm University

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – January 2024

Naseej for Technology, a leader in digital transformation solutions, has joined forces with Riyadh Elm University (REU) to introduce the groundbreaking MEDAD platform for institutional effectiveness “MEDAD IEP”. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the university’s journey towards enhanced strategic planning, evaluation, and academic accreditation processes, revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of its academic and administrative operations.

Fostering institutional excellence, MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform offers a unified and robust architecture, leveraging the latest emerging technologies, delivered via a cloud service that ensures the highest standards in security, efficiency, and operational reliability.

MEDAD IEP is specifically designed to meet the distinctive requirements of higher education institutions, it is a comprehensive platform that combines essential institutional effectiveness functions, facilitating ongoing, integrated, research-based planning, evaluation, and assessment processes. By utilizing MEDAD IEP, Riyadh Elm University acquires a systematic approach to review its institutional mission, goals, outcomes, and initiatives, thereby fostering a continuous enhancement of unrivaled institutional performance, quality, and efficiency.

Riyadh Elm University marks a significant milestone in its pursuit of digital transformation by adopting MEDAD IEP, a great initiative to equip the university with the following systems for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Management and Academic Accreditation
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Program Review
  • Performance Indicators and Institutional Research

These systems will enable stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate their efforts more seamlessly, leading to heightened effectiveness and improved quality in academic and administrative processes.

Engineer Othman Al-Abdulkarim, CEO of Naseej Company, expressed his satisfaction with the university’s collaboration with Naseej, stating, “Institutional excellence management is the key element in achieving success and sustainability in higher education institutions that constantly strive for high performance and excellence through enabling digital transformation in all their activities and operations to reach the top. We are proud to collaborate with Riyadh Elm University and support its goals by providing MEDAD platform for institutional effectiveness as an integrated solution that helps the university achieve digital transformation and improve institutional performance. At Naseej, we are committed to providing the necessary technology and support to the university to enhance its position among educational institutions and its ability to achieve its vision and goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Riyadh Elm University and providing the latest technological advancements in the field of education technology.”

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About Riyadh Elm University:

Riyadh Elm University is the first private health university in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2004 and has undergone several development stages to become Riyadh Elm University in 2018. The university aims to achieve leadership and excellence in education, research, and community service. It is considered one of the leading educational institutions in the country, continually striving to improve its academic, training, and community programs. The university offers diverse courses in medicine, pharmacy, and health sciences and emphasizes providing qualified professionals to meet the job market’s needs. Riyadh Elm University aspires to be at the forefront of educational institutions at the local, regional, and global levels. Its aim is to provide competitive educational and training programs and offer therapeutic and awareness programs to the community. By focusing on quality, innovation, and continuous development, Riyadh Elm University seeks to enhance its ability to achieve leadership and excellence in the educational field and meet the job market’s needs.

About Naseej Company:

Naseej is a technology company that provides integrated digital solutions for universities, educational institutions, and government entities. Naseej distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation and providing comprehensive solutions to enable digital transformation by developing technology solutions and services specifically designed to meet the needs of its clients. It relies on modern technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data to achieve superior performance and an excellent user experience. The Cloud based MEDAD platforms developed by Naseej is a powerful tool for aligning academic, administrative, and training processes with the latest technologies and advancements. MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform also provides the necessary support for planning, evaluation, and continuous improvement in educational institutions. Naseej works professionally and diligently to empower its clients to succeed in their digital initiatives and achieve the highest return on their technological investments.

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