e-Learning Content Authoring Solution

Naseej provides an advanced authoring solution with all the required tools to convert traditional curriculums into interactive electronic content to be added to the learning management system or used directly in classrooms through interactive whiteboards or projectors.

Start Creating Interactive Elearning Content That is…


The lecturer can use the previous learning content, add to it, or rearrange or schedule it to create interactive material


The system is designed to provide author content that conforms to world standards (eg SCORM) and is compatible with any LMS.

Unique Features

Advanced authoring tools for rapid, consistent learning content creation.

Reuse or conversion of any available learning content into multi-delivery forms (SCORM).

Full interoperability with other systems (LMS university portal), based on industry standards and e-learning specifications.

Easy and rapid creation and development of learning content, using a ‘drag and drop’ model (designed for novice users).

Easily customizable (can easily match the interface of your university or institute).

Online and offline authoring capability.

Solution Features and Benefits

Full interoperability

Interoperability, based on industry standards and e-Learning specifications; ensuring full interoperability with other system (LMS university portal).

Easily customizable

Can easily match the interface of your university or institute.

Ease to Use

Easily develop learning content, in a ‘drag and drop’ model, you can create your learning content rapidly (designed for novice users).


Advanced authoring tools for rapid, consistent and learning content creation

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