Smart Classrooms

Teaching is an art in itself. It is the art of keeping pupils motivated during lessons, something that is vital when it comes to holding pupils’ attention. That’s why Naseej offers traditional whiteboards, pinboards or flipcharts, as well as a wide range of interactive products, to help you, the teacher, both capture and hold your pupils’ attention.

Unique Features

Specialized Products For Educational Institutions

All our products, from whiteboards to flipcharts and from e-Board Touch to e-Screens, are high-quality. Because our products are developed in-house, we set extremely high-quality standards but without compromising on durability. As a result, Naseej products are ideal for daily use in any educational establishment, from primary schools to universities.

Interactive Whiteboards

Our whiteboards are available in various sizes to enable users to interact with presented materials easily and effectively. The user can add and store comments to be retrieved when necessary. The whiteboard provides a complete interactive domain, including recordings and broadcasts of virtual classrooms or lectures, and use of the learning management system inside the classroom.


Different kinds of projectors (Normal–Short throw or Ultra-short throw) provide users with a high-definition picture and a set of tools to present all multimedia formats for more interaction.

Voting System

The system provides lecturers with an easy tool to gauge students’ opinions through online and interactive polls.

Document Camera

Allows users to present models and shapes (including 3D), or to use a microscope to enlarge items. Also enables the presenter to write notes.


A unique group of high-definition interactive screens in various sizes that enable lecturers to display high-resolution multimedia images.

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Portable and fully-automated webcast solutions, to help you capture and deliver a synchronized audio, video, and presentation-rich media experience.
Naseej Learning Management System
The functionality and support you need to deliver a best-in-class experience for students and faculty in one central platform.

Anatomy Virtual Reality Solutions

Interactive hardware and software platforms that enable users of all levels to interact with the human body in 3D models.
Naseej Anatomy Virtual Reality Solutions
Convert traditional curriculums into interactive electronic content to be added to the learning management system or used directly in classrooms.