Central management solutions

Optimize the performance of your library equipment and provide real-time access to statistics and hardware status. The central management solutions we offer you will help save your staff valuable time and effort when it comes to maintaining your investment, especially if you are operating hardware across multiple sites.
By quickly applying settings across your entire range of equipment, your staff can focus on more customer related interactions. The software we offer you will also immediately alert you of any system issues to address.

Key Features

Device configuration

The central management solutions provide control over device settings without the need to be in front of the actual hardware. Individual settings for devices are synchronized with the ability to be altered remotely.

Detailed and robust reporting

Gather information from all the devices installed across your library system with the ability to create robust reports of the data. Detailed patron, item, and financial reports can be viewed by the entire system or broken down into branch-level, equipment based, or time interval statistics.

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