Patrons’ Self Services

Self-service for patrons enables users to check out items directly instead of using the circulation desk, thus freeing the circulation staff for more productive work, in addition to streamlining the circulation process.

Naseej provides a number of Self-Services Solutions that include:

o Self-services using RFID technology
o Self-service using electromagnetic technology
o Smart card integration and payment services

Key Features


Queuing the checkout of multiple items to validate the total checked out items allowed.

Automatic validation

Automatically validating user profile for circulation activities and act accordingly.


Integrating the self-services solution with the library system through SIP and SIP2 protocol.

Easy and quick

Easy and quick check-in and checkout


Alerting the library of existence of double security tags.

Profile Review

Patrons can review their profile directly on the screen

Need OEM delivery?

The library can opt to order the self-service equipment only and integrate it into the existing furniture available. In such cases a very detailed contractor manual is provided to enable library to customize the look and feel of the equipment to meet their own environment.

Whether your library uses EM or RFID technology, we have a variety of selfCheck™ solutions to choose from that offer the engaging and intuitive quickConnect™ software

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