Shelf Management Solutions

Take a quick inventory of your collections, locate misplaced items and update your ILS with current item status to ensure a positive experience for your patrons.

The mobile Digital Library Assistant solution provided by Naseej allows your staff to complete inventory tasks quickly and efficiently, having a solution in the palm of their hand.

Key Features

Instantaneously Read Tags

By reading the RFID tags in your collection, the inventory devices can determine detailed information such as item title, security status, hold requests, last borrow date, items that will cause an alarm, and more.

Weeding and Searches

Simply upload your selected list into our software and let the search effortlessly begin. The devices we provide allows you to search large amounts of items quickly and let you know when an item is found that meets your criteria.

Convenient Data Export

Once data has been collected from a shelf read, you can export the information in a range of common file formats, enabling you to analyze it in any way you wish.

Set Item Security

While performing your inventory, any items without the security setting turned on can automatically be updated without having to take items off the shelf.

Sync to your ILS

Once your library staff have completed an inventory scan, they can perform a sync with the ILS to update their database

Store Item Information

Store any amount of information from your collections and then synchronize it with your library ILS.

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