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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 2019

Shaqra University has announced launching MEDAD Cloud Learning Management Platform by Naseej -The Region’s Leading Knowledge Solutions Provider- an integrated learning platform featured by its seamless integration with various systems, including Student Information, Enterprise Resource Planning, Single Sign-On Systems, and the university’s portal. Which ultimately enables the University to offer a unique learning experience for its students. All of which, during an auspicious ceremony sponsored by the President of Shaqra University Dr. Awad Khuzaim Al-Asmari, to celebrate launching a number of technological projects for the University including its new redesigned online portal also by Naseej, to improve and enhance its eservices, and to deploy a single portal to serve the University’s constituencies, including faculty, students and staff.

From his part, Eng. Abduljabbar Al-Abduljabbar – Naseej CEO – expressed his appreciation of the efforts exerted by Shaqra University stating; “Developing Shaqra University’s online portal is a vital step towards the digital transformation process to build up its online ecosystem, in order to keep pace with the Kingdom’s qualitative leap brought by the ambitious 2030 Vision.” He also added that, by Launching MEDAD Cloud Learning Management Platform, Shaqra University will have an out-of-the-box tool to easily add enriching materials and create simulation systems; which will certainly boost student’s learning capacity. MEDAD will help the University reach its constituencies beyond the limits of time and space, while centrally monitoring students’ performance, and reporting seamlessly to the faculty and decision makers.

On the other hand, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej vice president – stressed that Naseej have full confidence in MEDAD’s efficiency and effectiveness; as it brings the best of both worlds, valuable teaching experience and creative tools in learning, in addition to best practices in accessibility management and effective evaluation options. Moreover, MEDAD offers standard technology, social learning, sharing and engagement, collaboration and unique customization options to suite the look and feel of the academic institution. “Naseej has a long experience in learning management solutions deployment and operation. Hence, Shaqra University will not need or even worry about hiring consultants or engineers to configure, customize and update MEDAD. Further, the University will leverage Naseej’s experience to create engaging and creative learning content using the latest learning content authoring software,” He concluded.

About Shaqra University:

Shaqra University was established in 2009, as per the decision of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Higher Education Council. The university currently has 24 colleges distributed in the governorates and sub-governorates. The University aims at providing electronic services that enhance the educational and academic processes, and to make a breakthrough in knowledge and science apprehension for all students in all the faculties.

About Naseej:

Naseej is the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Arab World serving the region’s top Academic, research, cultural, and government organizations and corporations since 1989 with solutions covering the ‘Knowledge Cycle”, including: Public and Academic Library Management Solutions, e-Learning Solutions, Campus Management Solutions, Enterprise Portal Solutions & e-Services, Content Management Solutions and Enterprise Process Management. Naseej today employs over 400 highly skilled professionals throughout the region in the fields of Knowledge Management, Information Technology and Business Development.

About MEDAD Learning Management Platform:

MEDAD is a comprehensive cloud learning management platform, for education institutions to offer a captivating online eLearning program. MEDAD platform consists of a number of systems including eLearning, Learning Object Repository (LOR), virtual classes, student and faculty ePortfolio, and MEDAD analytics system, which provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the learning outcomes to support the decision-making process. Moreover, MEDAD offers a mobile system, to provide access to the platform anywhere and anytime using mobile phones. And finally, integration LDAP & SSO.
MEDAD is fully integrated with various Campus Management Solutions, including SIS, ERP and Portal. It is also localized and customized for Arab users, with continuous technical support and updates.

With MEDA, learning institutions do not need to worry about servers, networks, storage logistics, software license, databases, security devices and backup. Also, they do not need to think twice about operation costs, or even hiring dedicated engineers or specialists for the platform management, maintenance and development. In the same vein, with MEDAD, no further internet scalability is required to accommodate extensive student long-ins.


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