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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – October 2023

Naseej for Technology, a leading provider of transformative learning and knowledge management solutions, is excited to announce its role in a groundbreaking partnership with the University of Jeddah. Been chosen by the university, Naseej will implement MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform – MEDAD IEP – which represents a major milestone in the pursuit of academic excellence in this digital era.

Naseej for Technology has been at the forefront of innovation in the education sector. We understand the unique needs of educational institutions, and MEDAD’s Institutional Effectiveness Platform is a testament to our commitment. This comprehensive solution streamlines strategic planning, accreditation management, outcomes assessment, program reviews, data management, reporting, and paving the way for enhanced student outcomes and a renewed commitment to academic excellence.

For years, the University of Jeddah has been a luminary in the realm of education. Renowned for its dedication to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, the university is now set to embark on a journey of transformation, hand in hand with Naseej for Technology.

The decision by the university to embrace MEDAD IEP reflects its steadfast dedication to staying at the vanguard of modern education. This transformational platform will empower the university to not only maintain high academic standards but also improve institutional performance and effectiveness, support ongoing planning and evaluation, ensure educational quality and continuous improvement, enhance student success, prepare future graduates, demonstrate compliance, and achieve accreditations, and ensure data-driven decision-making and accountability.

Under the partnership agreement, Naseej will provide the University of Jeddah with a suite of solutions that fall under the umbrella of the MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform: Quality Assurance Planning, Learning Outcome Assessments, Accreditation Management, Academic Program Review, Programs and courses Management, and Surveys Management.

Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi commented on this project stating: “Empowering the University of Jeddah with the transformative capabilities of the MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform is a testament to Naseej for Technology’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of education. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation and excellence, setting new benchmarks for institutional effectiveness and reaffirming our dedication to preparing the leaders of tomorrow.”

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About The University of Jeddah

The University of Jeddah, established in 2014 by Royal Decree No. 20937, stands as one of Saudi Arabia’s newer academic institutions, guided by a visionary mission to be the first choice for future leaders. Committed to the principles of Saudi Vision 2030, the university’s organizational structure is designed to foster exclusiveness and distinction, aligning academic programs with anticipated future developments. Emphasizing the preparation of a generation of pioneering scientists and leaders, the university’s strategic plan is strategically positioned to lead its goals and development, ensuring graduates possess the requisite knowledge and skills for unique career paths in diverse fields, thus contributing significantly to the national agenda of economic, societal, and educational advancement.

About Naseej

Since 1989, Naseej has gained the trust of hundreds of well-known clients, including The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Princess Nourah bent Abdulrahman University, STC, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, among many other corporations, universities, and academic institutions.

Top on the list of Naseej’s technology products and services are the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, designed by Naseej to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and business corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. Under the umbrella of the MEDAD Cloud Platform, Naseej delivers many solutions that have transformed the way education, learning, and business are being done in the region. MEDAD Learning Management Platform provides a unique eLearning environment as well as a secure, cost-effective, and reliable platform to keep your Learning programs running at peak performance.

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