Naseej participates in the & Exhibition of AMICAL Conference, marking the consortium’s 17th annual meeting and conference.

About the Conference

AMICAL Conference brings consortium members, as well as selected individuals invited by the organizers, to discuss issues relevant to international liberal arts institutions. This year’s program focuses on the impact of digital transformation at institutions.


Location: American University of Kuwait
Date: 15–18 January 2020
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Naseej solutions at the Conference


Sierra provides a powerful, modern foundation on which to build the future of Academic and Research Library services. Combining complete functionality with the power and scale of an open services platform, Sierra frees librarians to create the kind of patron experience and management solution they’ve always wanted. Learn more about Sierra features. 


Informed by ideas and insights from the past forty years, Inspire by innovative gives your library a powerful foundation for modern library solutions. Re-engineered from the ground up, each Inspire module delivers dynamic and intuitive experiences, is designed for easy configuration and maintenance, and scales and evolves as your needs change.

Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a breakthrough approach to presenting and organizing information resources. Designed as an all-in-one starting point for students to begin their research process, Credo Topic Pages combine quality research, images, and links to valuable library resources to promote information literacy and research efficiency. Learn more about  Credo Reference features.


Using Forsina platform allows you to create your own anatomy lab with customized scenarios. You can construct any layout of the Human Body System in 3D, including the Vascular System, and Lymphatic System. With interactive tools, you can assemble or disassemble any system, highlight or hide any organ, and go beyond the physical limits and step inside the virtual organs. Learn more about  Forsina features. 

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