Security Detection Systems

Naseej offers your library a detection systems that combines flexibility and style with state-of-the-art technology to help provide excellent detection and reliability. Choose from RFID, Electromagnetic (EM) or a hybrid mix of the two technologies to find the perfect detection system for your library.

Instant security alerts:

Whether you’re using RFID or EM detection systems you will instantaneously be alerted if items that shouldn’t leave the library pass through the security barrier

Benefits of EM

The combination of Tattle-Tape® Security Strips and Electromagnetic (EM) detection systems is perfect for libraries who are concerned about theft and security of items, but perhaps do not have the need to use the multiple-item checkout features that RFID offers – specifically protecting valuable reference materials or special collections that are not supposed to leave the library.

Benefits of RFID

Occasionally, items will pass through your gate aisle with the security still applied. With our proposed RFID systems, these items are instantly displayed on your connected PCs – allowing staff to see exactly which items activated the alarm and swiftly correct the security status, causing minimal inconvenience to your library users.

Integrated people counters

Most of our proposed security detection systems can integrate a bi-directional people counting device to track the people who come in and out of the library. You can record and store this information to establish how many people are visiting your library as the busiest times. This data is valuable in justifying the overall usage of the library and allows you to better plan for library events and activities.

Custom reports from any location

Every piece of RFID transactional data is recorded and stored so that you can have access to it whenever you want. This storage capability allow you to determine peak times in your library and to see what materials have triggered security alarms.

Easy access to diagnostic logs

Depending on your equipment, you can view all of the data collected either locally or remotely.. Additionally, log files can be downloaded in common CSV file format for further in-depth analysis.

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